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Project Aims and Objectives

 Football is known for its integrative effect on society. However, LGBT+ people are still underrepresented in the football world - be it in the crowd, on the pitch, or in the leading bodies of football leagues, associations, and clubs. There is still widespread homophobic abuse on the terraces and on the pitch, more often than not without any discussion afterwards, let alone consequences.

Why Europe?

We want to put the fight against homophobia on the agenda of European football in order to establish a coherent and effective approach to the problems outlined above. OUT! therefore aims to bring together stakeholders from all over Europe. Football Supporters Europe, Pride in Football, Fußballfans gegen Homophobie and the Belgian Football Association have already been active nationally, but they want to widen their impact . With access to UEFA and ERASMUS+ funding, we are able to underline the European approach and expand all partners' messaging and networking efforts.

Project Activities

The project coordinator and partners will clarify the current situation through research and the involved practitioners’ assessment. In the following step of the project, partners and external stakeholders, such as delegates of football associations, fan organisations, clubs, and representatives of football players will attend transnational meetings to spread awareness among football entities, learn about effective approaches to the topic and disseminate information.  This should give fans, players, clubs, leagues and football associations useful guidelines to tackle homophobia within their respective environment.

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